Cost reduction in the production due to retrofitting with increased effectivity

Upgraded gear cutting machines provide by retrofitting great advantages  to the manufacturers due to lower investment expenditure compared to the new acquisition. Customers can do it with the latest technologies, because new control technology can often be used for the proven mechanics of existing gear cutting machines. A general overhaul involves the restoration of machining accuracy – comparable to the new machine. Our scope of supply includes not only the renewal / overhaul of the mechanics but also the upgrade of NC Systems and process control alongwith latest digital drives for all axes.

In co-operation with the control manufacturer Siemens, we are implementing not only new control technology but also instruments for process recording and machine data. Significant potential for reduction of the product costs originate in addition from the machine modification assemblies end results in higher technological performance. (Possibility to use the latest generation tools). Retrofit ensures the competitiveness of our customers if the proven technology is applicated.