Gear inspection

Gear inspection machines for various types of gears

Gear inspection machines for universial applications are used for random gear tests at shopfloor conditions. Manufacturers of gears can verify immediately the runout of the gears and adapt their production process in case of deflections. Due to that cost for rejected components are reduced because of instant flow of information.
All devices have measuring electronics and software and generate data in a PC. The values are available as a printed NC test chart. Accuracy standards of DIN are applicable.

The MG 280 PC gear tester for analytical evaluation includes various probes and measuring electronics. Data are generated is in a PC and the values are available as NC test chart. Various accuracy standards are applicable such as DIN, AGMA, ISO and GOST.

MHD offers numerous machines for gear inspection supplemetary to our gear cutting machinery. Our machines are
designed for measuring any type of gears, gear segments and optional gear cutters.