Cylindrical gear inspection

Shopfloor and lab applications

Gear inspection by double flank roll test with master gears for spur gears with straight and helical teeth. A quick determination of deviations in gear geometry is feasible. That includes runout and axial runout, transmission errors and pitch errors. A PC generates data originated by the measuring electronics. By means of a printed NC test chart the evaluation is completed.

Precision measuring for gears is feasible on our compact design machine. With the precision gear measuring center MHD Werkzeugmaschinen provides a comprehensive solution for analytical gear inspection. Evaluation of any parameter of involute toothing is possible. It accomodates medium size straight and helical spur gears and gear segments up to 280 mm diameter. The software can record profile and lead deviations, dimension, pitch accuracy and radial run- out. Software for measurement of hobs after resharpening is available as option. No foundation is needed for the machine.

Accuracy standards: DIN / AGMA / ISO / GOST
Measuring of spur gears, gear segments and optional gear cutters.